Our aims and objectives

The aim of ‘Chichester GATEWAY+’ is to mobilize public opinion in the vicinity of Chichester to demand a radical enhancement to the Chichester District Council’s Master Plan for the Southern Gateway, in order to improve the access, safety, and environment through the removal of the two level crossings as well as to improve and simplify the traffic patterns around the Rail and Bus Station area.

We need Cicestrians to support the Gateway+ team in their endeavours to introduce an Alternative Plan – a plan which meets all the objectives of Chichester Vision and, if at all possible, to go a step further and make our City even more wonderful – a City with the WOW factor to attract people from far and wide as well as to enliven life for all those currently living here.

The Plans have been developed after extensive research, talking to all who would care to listen and contribute – and above all Gateway+ has listened!!

We have placed people at the heart of all that we propose and we recognise that where change is inevitable, it must bring benefits for all.

Once the GATEWAY+ concept is accepted, we would then look to develop the 9 acre site with an iconic Conference and Exhibition Centre together with a prestigious Hotel and supporting buildings as well as a sophisticated transport hub

In all it is called The FORUM QUARTER which is designed to deliver to the people of Chichester a new realm to enhance their lives and offer a whole new opportunity to enjoy the new facilities and become totally involved in the exciting emerging future for all!