Who are and what is GATEWAY+

GATEWAY+ is a group of inspired individuals and local businesses & organisations interested in seeing this once in a lifetime ‘Chichester Southern Gateway’ redevelopment opportunity, create the very best facilities for the South Side of Chichester for all to benefit from and enjoy now and well into the future.

Chichester GATEWAY+ as a local body has been formed into a limited company (GATEWAY+ Ltd) giving the organisation credibility and a resound responsibility to act in the best interest of the people of Chichester in challenging local authorities / CDC to get the best possible outcomes in terms of future developments for our City. To make sure all redevelopment opportunities are scrutinised to be beneficial to all, and if not, improvements sought wherever possible.

We operate in an open and honest way and we actively seek input and ideas from all Cicestrians. You can contact us by via the contact link on this website.

GATEWAY+ commitee members include:

Geoff Thorpe – Master Planner
Richard Plowman – Past Mayor and Town Crier
Brian Raincock – New Resident and Local Businessman
Trent O’Connor – Local Events Company Owner
Robin Hamilton – Retired Local Business Owner
David Adams – Henry Adams
Martin Trundle – Henry Adams
Mark Grove – WECRE8
Bianca Birkett – Social Media