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The GATEWAY+ FORUM QUARTER – together we can make this happen!

We, the people of Chichester, need to make our views known – no longer passive, let’s go for it! When the last consultation process took place only just under 80 people out of a potential 27,000 made their views known and they were adamant that they wanted a much more radical SOLUTION to the problems created by the road layout and level crossings, quite apart from a much more exciting and dynamic future City!

We need your help… In order to publicise and widen the knowledge of the local populace we will be introducing an active, multi-faceted promotional campaign, through brochures, flyers, signs, banners and web/email, so that the project can continuously be brought to the attention of Cicestrians. In order to do this we need your help through either giving us some of your time, your experience/skills, or business support. We’ll also need volunteers to help ‘spread-the-word’. If you think you can assist with the cause, then please email us on: – thank you.

Other ways to get involved… With the local elections coming up in May this year there will be the opportunity for us all to make our views heard through the Ballot Box! Talk to your local councillors, let them know your views. Push them on what they are going to do about challenging the current Southern Gateway Master Plan for Chichester. We would also like to be able to count on you to help spread the word. Speak to your family, friends and neighbours about these plans, what do they think, can they help, do they want to be more involved?

Donations and support… One thing we do now need in order to maintain the momentum is money! It would help enormously if you could make a donation to our cause – it’s very simple: • 

A bank transfer to GATEWAY+ –

Sort Code 20-79-31, Account Number 23633063 • 

Alternatively donate via our PayPal account  Donations

And all amounts – no matter how modest will help greatly!