Our Vision

THE FORUM QUARTER will introduce a whole new industry to Chichester with all the employment and commercial opportunities that this would bring. An industry which is growing rapidly throughout the UK but would be particularly appropriate in this part of the south. In another town in the north it provides an annual income of £200M and brings 350,000 business visitors to their area, we can do the same! Gateway+ has set out it’s outline for THE FORUM as the centrepiece of the FORUM QUARTER but it goes much wider.   The Plans will create: •  A unified transport hub, bringing a state-of-the art Railway Station in close proximity with the Bus Station and Taxi ranks. It will provide convenient access and egress throughout so that those with disabilities can enjoy the facilities to the same extent as all other individuals. The design will join up both sides of the railway line so that the new area around the Canal Basin can be more fully utilised and enjoyed. Space will be created for additional platforms at the Station which will enable Network Rail to introduce a Metro line between Chichester and Bognor and maybe even further afield – all essential in the drive to reduce road traffic.  • Basin Road will have an underpass so that the potentially dangerous and very slow-moving level crossing can be removed and traffic kept moving, giving continuous access for those coming from the south and eliminating the appalling environmental damage that occurs at present.

The opportunities to totally transform the Southern Gateway, which has for so long been an eyesore on our beautiful city, and to add considerable wealth, are legion BUT they will require courage, foresight and hard work to bring them about! The Forum Quarter will comprise of: – The FORUM CONFERENCE & EVENT CENTRE linked to: – FORUM HOTEL – 200/250 Beds – FORUM SQUARE – Civic Space – FORUM VILLAGE – Residential, Shops and Restaurants – FORUM TRANSPORT HUB – Trains, Buses and Taxis

The Forum Chichester’s Iconic Centrepiece: • 100,000 SqFt over 3 Floors over
looking the FORUM SQUARE • 30,000 SqFt Main Hall Dividable
into 6 Units • Concourse for Meeting and Greeting • Prestigious Food and Drink Location • Mezzanine Level offering
Multi-purpose Space • Easily Accessible Servicing

The Forum Square Civic Space for Events and Parades: • Built on Land now used for Roads and Level Crossing • Links with City through Pedestrian Area • Pop Up Shops for Special Occasions • Space for Annual CHICE Rink • Access to Railway Station and

The Forum Hotel International Standard Hotel: • 200-250 Bedrooms • Wide Range of Public Rooms • Seminar Facilities to complement
The FORUM • Concierge and Valet Parking • Linked to The FORUM

The Forum Village For a new vibrant community: • Residential especially aimed at
Younger Residents • Boutique Retail Outlets • Restaurants, Coffee and Wine Bars • Pavement Dining • Space for NHS facilities • Everyman Cinema and Night Club

The Forum Transport Hub Integrated and increased services: • A brand new railway station with
4 platforms • Adjoining Metro Line • Easy access for all • Lifts down to a new Bus station • Dedicated Taxi Rank

The FORUM QUARTER social and economic benefits This development can bring the world to Chichester: because a multi-use FORUM QUARTER would include a vibrant mix of high-quality hotel, residential and workspace accommodation plus retail and leisure facilities. Large and small events, conferences, exhibitions, and entertainment would all be accommodated together with anything else that an active and dynamic city can dream up. THE FORUM QUARTER will introduce a whole new industry to Chichester with all the employment and commercial opportunities that this would bring. An industry which is growing rapidly throughout the UK but would be particularly appropriate in this part of the south.

What this will mean for all of us… At last Chichester moves into the 21st century with a development it can be proud of and one that offers a new Conference and Exhibition facilities which open up a whole new industry with an ever widening portfolio of events which can fully utilise the skills and professionalism emanating from the UK’s leading Engineering and Digital Technology Park, which is part of the University of Chichester. The benefits which we will all, young and old, derive from this will be immediate and it is vital, so that we retain this expertise in the locality. But people will only stay in Chichester if they see employment opportunities opening up as well as a full range of leisure and pleasure facilities, together with purpose built and appropriately designed residential units. This what THE FORUM QUARTER is all about as well as providing a welcome release from the current traffic torture by removing the level crossings and simplifying the road layout without opening the floodgates to heavy duty vehicles.

For Business…
Chichester, like nearly all cities and towns in the UK, is currently experiencing a tornado of change in the retail sector which is at the very centre of city life. This has profound knock-on effects on all sectors of the business economy, particularly those based in this area. But WSCC, our local government, Chichester BID, and Visit Chichester whilst not ignoring the potential opportunities that this situation might create must ensure that Chichester urgently re-invents itself to meet the challenges that the City is facing. Just look at the huge success of Rolls Royce, the Goodwood Estate, and the Festival Theatre and what they have achieved and brought to the City. This process must go on and can be accelerated with an iconic Conference Centre and Exhibition Hall offering the widest possible range of BIG events as well as catering for smaller more intimate and very special occasions, all of which create a new and challenging industry. This is what THE FORUM is all about!!

For the future of our great City… Over 70 years ago Thomas Sharpe, a town planner was invited to review the future for the City and he made the following prophetic remarks: • ‘In the end the character of a city depends more on the will of its private citizens than upon plans, or city councils or governments………’ • ‘But upon one broad principle there should be no doubt, Chichester has everything to gain and nothing to lose in safeguarding and enhancing its distinctive character….’ • ‘All who are concerned in its future should realise the beau that they have in their keeping and the possibility of creating new beauty as well as new convenience…..’ GATEWAY+ plans for THE FORUM QUARTER offers the very challenge that Thomas Sharpe’s gauntlet threw down. Lets go for it – we have only one Opportunity – lets not waste it!!

The GATEWAY+ FORUM QUARTER – together we can make this happen! We, the people of Chichester, need to make our views known – no longer passive, let’s go for it! When the last consultation process took place only just under 80 people out of a potential 27,000 made their views known and they were adamant that they wanted a much more radical SOLUTION to the problems created by the road layout and level crossings, quite apart from a much more exciting and dynamic future City!